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    I'm Johanna, and I'm a photographer.  You have no idea how great that sounds every time I say it.  I love being a photographer!  Aside from my family and friends, nothing gives me greater joy than capturing life's everyday moments with my camera.  This is where I get to show you how much I love what I do. It is here where I hope you will see why I am so passionate about my work, my art.  You see I've got a superpower.  I can freeze time.  Pretty cool, huh?  I think so.

At 7 weeks this adorable guy was very alert and oh so charming! Quite a cutie, which I’m certain is due in no small part to his gorgeous parents, this joyful bundle is a lucky boy too. He was welcomed into a home with a sweet, also very charming and handsome big brother, and two completely smitten parents. How could they not be? This little one is utterly irresistible!

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This adorable little guy was happy as a clam all swaddled up, and he gave me smile after smile.  I loved it!  As it turned out, what he loved was the little puppy — so much that he snuggled with it, hugged it, smiled and then kissed it!  If I didn’t capture it all, I wouldn’t believe it now.  I can’t help but smile myself every time I see his images.  This little boy is truly a bundle of joy!  And, with a pretty mama, handsome dad and beautiful big sister, you can see where he gets his good looks too.  There’s no shortage of beauty in this family!

The two boys have clearly been the pride and joy of this family, but then mom and dad stirred in a little sugar and spice, and now it’s pure magic. These kids are incredible — sweet, smart — so smart, thoughtful, fun-loving and obviously beautiful. We had a great session despite the fact that the weather that day was, well let’s just say, challenging — extremely hot and very humid. That didn’t deter any of us from our mission, especially their mom. Have to thank her for all the behind the scenes work. This mama’s a ball of focused energy! Hoping the next time we can get mom and dad in on the fun too!

Have a few people to thank for the opportunity to meet this family and photograph these sweet children. I think you all know who you are…so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have a special request I make with every newborn I photograph. Please wait until I am ready to shoot before you smile at me. It’s a simple request, and completely reasonable. Unfortunately for me, it’s also totally unenforceable. Sometimes there’s cooperation, but more often than not…those newborns sneak in their smiles when I am completely unprepared. Fortunately for me, this little girl was very generous with her smiles! Thank you baby R. Isn’t she a little sweetheart?

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This little one is going to have so much fun growing up with her big sister and big brother. What a beautiful family!

copyright Johanna Sophia Photography

And now for a little public service announcement…the window of opportunity to photograph your newborn is so small and only happens once in their lifetime. Whether with me or another qualified and experienced (and safety-conscious) newborn photographer, my best advice is…don’t miss the opportunity. These sessions capture fleeting moments with your sweet little newborn, and often precious interactions with their new siblings too. The beautiful images captured can then be displayed on your walls and preserved in a premium session album for your family to enjoy and cherish forever. I’ve never heard a single uttering of regret from parents that have experienced a newborn session with me – and believe me – the sessions ain’t easy. It’s hot, it’s long and I’m a stickler for details, but we do have fun, we laugh, we sweat, we bond. :) The end result is always worth it. The only regret to be had is to let the opportunity pass. This, I know.


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