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    I'm Johanna, and I'm a photographer.  You have no idea how great that sounds every time I say it.  I love being a photographer!  Aside from my family and friends, nothing gives me greater joy than capturing life's everyday moments with my camera.  This is where I get to show you how much I love what I do. It is here where I hope you will see why I am so passionate about my work, my art.  You see I've got a superpower.  I can freeze time.  Pretty cool, huh?  I think so.

Although I don’t remember when it was, I’m sure it had to have been my mom that last baked me a cake for my birthday. I am also sure that whenever it was, it was a long, long time ago. After a certain age, birthdays, well let’s just say that they aren’t what they used to be, and without a grand celebration, perhaps for a milestone birthday, or say if you’re away on vacation while celebrating your birthday, it’s not easy to make them feel too differently from any other day. It’s not a complaint, just an observation.

This year, however, someone that I hardly know, a new friend if you will, baked me a cake for my birthday. And although this cake is special all by itself as you can see by the images, it was more than just a pretty cake. It was a little bit of magic that brought me back to when the day was special just because it was my birthday. A sweet, generous and kind woman, Stephanie Litsakis Clark, made me a cake for my birthday, and although the cake will be gone very soon, as it is beyond yummy, it is something I will never forget. Thank you Stephanie. Like the beautiful cake you made for me, you too are beautiful inside and out.
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As many of you already know, it’s been a really cold winter and the ground has been covered in snow for quite a while now. I’m sure it’s been difficult for the birds and small animals to find food, so we’ve been putting out bread and various snacks for them fairly frequently. Although it’s too cold to go outside to photograph them, and they’re too timid anyway, I’ve been sneaking a few shots of them through my french door windows for the past couple of days. Shooting through the glass isn’t ideal, and the glass isn’t exactly squeaky clean right now. Inside yes – outside, well, not so much. In other words, am I as happy with the technical quality of the images as I could be? Maybe not. Do I think they’re worth sharing? Absolutely! Hope you’re able to enjoy a little bit of nature while staying warm.

Feb2015_JSP_wildlife_001 Feb2015_JSP_wildlife_002 Feb2015_JSP_wildlife_003

Feathers not required.

Feb2015_JSP_wildlife_004 Feb2015_JSP_wildlife_005 Feb2015_JSP_wildlife_006 Feb2015_JSP_wildlife_007 Feb2015_JSP_wildlife_008 Feb2015_JSP_wildlife_009

Um, hello, remember me? OK, it’s fairly clear I’m not a blogger. So then what’s important enough to get me to blog today? It’s a double announcement – for the economy of it. :)

First, today there’s a one-day-only sale on gallery wrap canvases. One-day-only. Today. All the information is listed below, but if you have any questions or if you are ready to order your canvases, please email or call me at 516-280-3471 right away. Sale ends at 11:59 pm today, so hurry!

Second, it’s almost spring! I’m serious. The weather may not show it, but the calendar says it’s coming soon, and spring means First Holy Communions. As always, I have special session collections available for Communions. Please contact me for details and to schedule your session. I also do a limited amount of event coverage for Communion celebrations. If you’re planning a celebration and want professional images to commemorate the occasion, please let me know as soon as possible. Weekend dates go very quickly, and I hate to disappoint anyone. You can review the information on event coverage here.

Congratulations to all the families with kids celebrating their First Holy Communion this spring. I can’t wait to meet you and capture those divine memories for your beautiful family!

Here are some examples of canvas galleries using some of my favorite images from sessions past. Sale information can be found below.

Thirteen days new and look at her beautiful mama and proud daddie!

Love how the two 16×20″ canvases of the mama and the daddie with their sweet little girl look along side of that classic 20×30″ image of their sleeping beauty. It’s shown over the crib in a nursery here, but it can go anywhere – over a couch in the den or living room, over a desk in the office. So many possibilities!

  • Liz Butler - I absolutely LOVE this! Not only the grouping of beautiful images, but also the arrangement of the whimsical frames they’re in. Great job, Johanna!June 17, 2013 – 5:50 pm

  • Jen - Now *that’s* a fabulous collection and display!June 20, 2013 – 10:41 pm

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